Conversion kit for NSM jukeboxes on MP3

With this kit, the NSM jukeboxes ES-IV, ES-V and ES-V.1 can be freed of susceptible or
sensitive audio-CD technology.
They are simply rebuilt to play MP3 music files. Instead of an expensive repair - GO WITH TIME and upgrade your jukebox with the conversion kit. For the user (customer) nothing changes to the operator functions, not even the remote control. You have the possibility to program the jukebox on Freeplay (with time setting). Background or animation titles can be played on request.

PLEASE NOTE!! It is not an Internet Jukebox but MP3 !!
The big advantage for you!
You alone determine the titles and not your guests who can download any titles from the Internet. Thus, you have the opportunity to select the genre of your desired guest segment.

We also like to build your old jukebox for you on MP3
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